Augmentation de l'énergie

From a physics perspective, the energy foundations of Life, and that sustains us, is based on Electro-Magnetism.

In spite of the fact that contemporary families in developed industrial countries live in abundance, we suffer from chronic energy deficiency. From a physics perspective, the energy foundations of life, and that sustains us, is based on Electro-Magnetism. The currents, voltages, and magnetic fields, which man produces in the form of nerve and muscle potentials, are of vital importance. Lack of exercise, incorrect nutrition, and the effect of stress and the environment damages man’s organism. He loses his “energy balance”. The cells can no longer fulfill their tasks. As a result, a negative, downward spiral has begun, manifesting itself in decreased performance, to early aging, degeneration and chronic diseases. Therefore, healthy choices are the key to maintaining vital life long energy.

Daily use of the QRS, alongside other healthy choices, regulates energy and thus optimal cell function. If an imbalance or lack of subtle energy occurs, the cell does not function optimally and therefore cannot contribute to vibrant health or when recovery is warranted. Electromagnetic pulses can also jump-start the repair of a wide spectrum of tissues and the remission of diseases.

The subtle energy produced by the QRS imitates a range of natural neuro-electrical frequencies that the body produces or absorbs to facilitate optimal cell function. Eastern traditions describe this energy as Life Force or Chi. This Life Force comes from three sources. It comes from the vital energy reserve we inherit from our parents, we absorb it through the foods we eat and we receive it directly from the environment. According to theories of traditional Chinese medicine, illness or sub-optimal performance is mainly a result of an imbalance in the flow of Chi energy to the organs of the body.


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